Health Benefits Of Having Olive Oil In Your Diet


Who could have ever predicted that when Pompeian Olive Oil Company was founded amidst the hills of Tuscany, that we would one day become America's first national brand of imported extra virgin olive oil? We're its best loved, as well--today, more Americans choose Pompeian than any other.

After establishing a headquarters in Baltimore in 1906, Pompeian began importing olive oil in bulk, then blending and bottling it fresh daily here in the U.S., we're the only national brand olive oil producer to do so.

Unlike many olive oils sold in the U.S., Pompeian is a blend of olive oils produced in various regions, rather than from a single locale or company-owned grove. Since each year's olive crop varies, Pompeian can select the season's best olive oils and then blend them to the same quality standards and consistent taste, year after year.

This same attention to quality is paid to the other products we offer from the Mediterranean, including our renowned wine vinegars. All of Pompeian's wine vinegars are carefully blended with imported wines that are selected for their extra-rich taste and mouth-watering aroma. Did you know that Pompeian Red Wine Vinegar is America's best selling brand?

There are many delicious surprises awaiting you in the Pompeian family of Mediterranean products that burst with the region's unique flavors. What won't surprise you is that our commitment to quality, authenticity and consistency are always true to our proud Tuscan heritage.