Fitness Programs for Baby Boomers


For many Baby Boomers, staying active can make the difference in how old or young they look and feel. That is why millions of Baby Boomers are enjoying SilverSneakers Fitness, at no additional cost, as the pathway to a healthy and active second-half of life. SilverSneakers Fitness is leading the way as the nation’s largest fitness and well-being program designed specifically with Baby Boomers in mind.

In this episode of Baby Boomers in America, Joy Powell, president of the Senior Solutions Division at Healthways, discusses the importance of exercise for Baby Boomers in order to live their best life. We also discuss how to get started with a fitness transformation through SilverSneakers and learn about its FLEX network and BOOM programming, which offer a variety of specially-designed classes, at every level of ability, both in and out of the gym, and all with the Baby Boomers in mind.

The SilverSneakers program is offered at more than 13,000 fitness & wellness locations across the nation, with access to facility amenities, specialized classes and social events that Baby Boomers can enjoy. And, for many it is provided through their Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement health plans and group retiree plans at no additional cost.

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