Wireless Hearing Technology


Baby Boomers, or those born between 1946 and 1964, are the largest group experiencing hearing loss today. In fact, one in six boomers currently has some degree of loss. Although a growing number of Baby Boomers are living with hearing loss, only about 25% are seeking help.

Living with hearing loss can be more harmful than people may realize. Many health issues can be associated with hearing loss including Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Oftentimes, hearing loss can lead to social isolation, and with one-third of workforce made up of Baby Boomers, it can cause a financial and lifestyle impact on individuals.

Hearing Loss can results from a multitude of activities and conditions. Just 15 minutes of loud noise a day, like listening to music through ear buds or even just the noise from a subway, can weaken hearing over time. Medications, earwax buildup, other diseases, an injury to the head or ears and heredity factors can also cause permanent hearing damage.

In this episode of Baby Boomers in America, Beltone will share insights about hearing loss, the effects it has on Baby Boomers, and details about the latest technology that is not only discreet, but also works seamlessly in Baby Boomers’ everyday life. You’ll also learn how you can take action and proactively manage your hearing health.

Beltone was founded on the act of helping a friend to hear better and enjoy life more. This is still true today. Beltone continues to focus on hearing health and education, especially for Baby Boomers, so they can live every day to the fullest.

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