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It’s no surprise that the Internet landscape is rapidly changing and becoming more dynamic. By some estimates, the Internet now boasts approximately 60,000 new websites, 1.6 million blog posts, 2 million videos and 5 million images PER DAY. While there is a wealth of information available, it can be a daunting task to cull through endless blue links to get the answers and information you’re looking for from trusted, reliable sources.

In this episode of Baby Boomers in America, Valerie Combs from Ask.com, the leading site for answers on the web, will discuss how to easily navigate through the Internet clutter to get to the heart of what you’re really interested in. Whether you’re looking for a simple straight forward answer or you’re researching more in-depth topics, Ask.com’s mission is to get millions of users the answers they need and can trust for the past 16 years.